Top 3 Reason Why We Clean Heat Pumps


Indoor Air Quality Matters

The EPA and American Lung Association reveal, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, where pollutant concentration is 2-5 times greater than outdoors which can lead to health issues ranging from eye irritation, to headaches, to heart and respiratory diseases and more. Heat pump cleanings drastically improve indoor air quality and reduce common allergens.


Using Less Saves More

Electric companies and industry leaders, including the Federal Energy Management Program, estimate that running uncleaned units increases energy consumption up to 25% and costs the owner a shocking $220-$600 per year for each unit in extra utility costs. Heat pump cleanings allow your systems to run as they were intended - which is efficiently!

Close up hand and remote control air condition set to 25 degree temperature.

Clean Units Last Longer

Uncleaned units suffer from restricted airflow decreasing their ability to heat and cool effectively. This causes units to work longer and harder leading to extra wear and tear, damage, and repairs to the units and their compressors. Heat pump cleaning pay for themselves annually and are a crucial part of protecting the investment of these units.


We support local businesses and community

We are committed to bettering our community both by providing our mini split heat pump deep cleanings and by developing Partner Programs to benefit businesses and members of the community as well. See Referral Programs, call, or email for details.