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How change is in your hands with heat pumps Energy. Power. Emissions. Inflation. Fuel. Record High. Consumers. Production. War. Unemployment. Dependence. Independence. We have become inundated with headlines that produce anger, fear, anxiety, sorrow, and confusion. With so much to hear and see it’s hard to know where to begin, or how to move forward, […]
Air Solutions For Heating and Cooling VT NH

Air Solutions For Heating and Cooling

What is indoor air quality? What are some of the air solutions for heating and cooling in VT & NH? These are two important questions that we should ask ourselves. We spend 1/3 of our lives in our homes. The quality of indoor air can and will affect your health. Most of us don’t pay […]

The Boston Globe Weighs in on Mini Split Heat Pump efficiency

Experts agree that the time to be energy conscious is now and lessening our dependence on oil and gas heat may be a valuable key! Mini split heat pumps have been catapulting into popularity for their efficiency and energy conservation. What most owners don’t realize, is that mini split heat pump cleaning is crucial to […]

Heat Pump cleaning now brings health and savings later for a Fresh Air Solution

Should you clean your HVAC coils? Why do you need a heat pump cleaning service? These are questions mini split heat pump owners find themselves asking. The short answer to both is YES! Your home needs regular heat pump cleaning done to keep your home clean. But, that’s just the beginning! Manufacturers of mini split […]
Mini-Split Heat Pump Cleaning Service

Press Release: Fresh Air Solutions Mini-Split Heat Pump Cleaning Company

Local business exposes widespread, crucial oversight in homes and offices, and provides the solution Charlestown, NH: Despite tens of thousands of New England homes and businesses installing Split Unit Heat Pumps each year for convenience and efficiency, many owners are missing out on the benefits, unaware that the systems are designed to be deep cleaned […]