Getting a good soak to remove built up, caked on grime

Mini Split Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

We provide the mini split heat pump deep cleaning services each home and office unit requires. This includes deconstructing, power washing, and detailed hand-cleaning of your indoor units and the outdoor condenser units. We arrive on time, do the job, and provide a full clean up of our working area to leave you with the clean, efficient units you deserve. This not only improves your indoor air quality and temperature regulation, but reduces your energy use and costs as well!

After your cleaning, we provide you with an assessment of each unit's buildup and contamination level prior to cleaning and discuss our recommended cleaning schedule for each unit going forward. Annual deep cleaning is recommended by mini split heat pump manufacturers, and is definitely needed for almost every unit; however, there are cases in which the units are used infrequently are don't require that frequency. We will tell it like it is and work with you like we'd want to be worked with in our own home.