Customer Deep Cleaning Testimonials

Tracy W.

"Where to begin?! When I called to get my units cleaned Anne answered and was she such a delight to talk to! She went above and beyond explaining what they do, how much of a difference I should expect to see and feel, and that my electricity bill should drop about 30% (after discussing my particular situation)! I learned so much in just a few minutes of speaking with her! Their prices can’t be beat either! Mike and Anne both came and they arrived exactly on time. They were able to finish cleaning all 5 units (3 indoors and my 2 outdoor condensers) in no time at all. Watching them work was fascinating as well! Every piece of each unit was thoroughly cleaned and there was no mess to clean up when they were done! The way they work together is incredible and both of them were able to teach me even more about my units than I could have imagined. They had answers to all of my questions and were so personable, I felt as though I had known them for years once they were done. They also asked to turn on the units right before they left to make sure I could feel a difference. Anne even followed up with me about 30-45 minutes after they left to ensure everything was working properly and that I could indeed feel a difference. (I actually had goosebumps for the first time in a very long time!) You don’t get better service than that! If anyone has these units, I STRONGLY recommend you get in touch with Anne and Mike for your yearly cleaning and maintenance! You will not be disappointed! 15+ out of 10 for me and I’ll be seeing them next year for sure!"

Peter & Linda W.

"Mike did a great job! He was very thorough and professional. I think you have a great start for a very successful future. We look forward to our next cleaning in the fall of 2022. I might add that you were such a pleasure to work with as well. It is refreshing to have such a professional and efficient team!"

Robert Gonauer

"Personable, thorough, efficient, timely, excellent communication; these are only a few words that describe Fresh Air Solutions. While we regularly change the filters in our units (we have 4 of them), we were at a loss on how to thoroughly clean the coils, and the outside condensers. Now that we are on the schedule, we will be having them come regularly. It is an eye-opener to see exactly how much dust and grime accumulate where we couldn't see it, and we certainly are not equipped to do this ourselves. Thank you Mike and Ann! See you next year!"

Phil Lee

"Mike did a very thorough job cleaning both the inside and outside units. He actually took them apart and made sure everything was clean, dried and put back together. We have already made our reservation for the same time next year, so nice to not have to worry about this anymore. Great service from a great business!"

Josh Baker

"When Mike came to my shop to deep clean my heat pump I was absolutely amazed at how dirty the indoor coil was! I couldn’t believe the dirt and grime that was came out of the blower and coil! Mike has the proper tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently deep clean, deodorize and sanitize the heat pump! He did a fantastic job and I will definitely have him clean my heat pumps in the future. I Highly recommend his service if you want to breathe fresh clean air in your home or work place!"

Dan P.

Very quick response time. Were on time for scheduled appointment. Completed job in less time than estimated. Very personable and professional people. Most certainly would recommend.

Matty G.

"Anne was very nice to deal with on the phone, knowledgeable and made recommendations for future cleanings"

Thomas S.

"You know how much we love your company, service, and of course you guys. I tell anyone I can about the wonderful company you have."

Tina Lapan

"Michael and Anne were prompt. They completed a deep clean on our 2 Fujitsu units that were about 5 years old.. They were very professional, and brought all of the equipment needed. and took the extra time to do it right. They left no mess to clean and we are very happy customers. Thanks again."

Glenn Seward

"Anne and Mike are great, super nice and incredibly professional. A wonderful service which is reasonably priced. After seeing the nasty stuff come out of our units we will have Fresh Air Solutions back every year!"

Diane Foulds

"Good folks who do a thorough job and don't cut corners. It was refreshing to meet them. We'll definitely turn to them in the future to keep our heat pumps working in tip-top condition."

Sheree Kochis

"So impressed with this company, Mike and Anne were a joy to work with. Wonderful communication, knowledgeable and they were professional and proficient. Other than our AC working like new, you would never know they were there. If you haven’t had your units cleaned, you need to! Call Fresh Air Solutions, you won’t be sorry!"

Horace Palmer III

"Michael arrived promptly to my home in Fairlee, Vt, cleaned my Mitsubishi heat pump, which was installed about 5-6 years ago and had only had it's filters cleaned regularly. He has special equipment which he used outside to clean all the various components of the heat pump after taking it apart. He then went to a rental unit I own in Bradford and performed the same operation on that unit, which is 3 years old. Nice, professional job and I recommend Fresh Air Solutions! Let me add that a few months after our deep cleaning, the heat pump all of a sudden started dripping. We immediately turned it off and reported the problem to Ann of Fresh Air Solutions. With an hour they were at our house and corrected the problem, which Ann had diagnosed correctly over the phone. What phenomenal service! These guys are great and you won't find a better or more professional company. We will be using their service annually from now on! "

Carol S.

We couldn't be happier or more impressed with the work performed by Fresh Air Solutions. They are very timely in their communication and clear in explaining the work to be performed. I would highly recommend them.

Lauren S.

"Everything from scheduling to appointment to follow up was handled efficiently and with great service! I will be using them for my annual cleaning next year and they already have me on a reminder list to call! Nice family run and operated business."

Brian Lally

"So happy to have found them - had been looking for a service like this. I knew my mini split needed cleaning, but when you ask most they say "clean the filter" not so, Mike and Anne cleaned inside, outside, and in between. The junk that came out of the unit was scary. Highly recommend.

Steven V.

"Reliable, thorough, and professional."

Lebanon Paint & Decorating

"I highly recommend Fresh Air Solutions. They are professional and did a thorough job cleaning each unit, both inside and out. They maintained a very clean work area and were courteous to our customers. We had one thermostat that would not reconnect remotely with the heater. Both Mike and Anne worked relentlessly until the problem was resolved. I have them booked to come back each year to service our units. Thank you!!"

Melanie Williams

"Fresh Air Solutions is a great company. Very thoughtful, responsive, friendly and did a great job cleaning our split units and condenser."

Stephen Giroux

"Anne and Michael were professional in every way - courteous, knowledgeable, prompt and excellent communicators. We highly recommend Fresh Air Solutions and will most certainly use them for our future needs!"

Stephanie Baker

"Honest, thorough, reliable, good price - Will definitely use again!"

Loretta Evans

"They took out all the black gunk and cleaned it and it’s like it’s brand new now!"

Biddy Irwin

"The cleaning of our system was efficient, thorough and cost effective as our units work more efficiently. I highly recommend them to clean your system. I will continue to use them as needed based on their recommendations"

Ian B.

Top-notch service. Flexible, courteous, worked quickly, and - in contrast to others that have worked on my mini split - left no trace of dust/dirt and left nothing out of order.