Friendly, Local, Professional Mini Split Heat Pump Cleaning Services


We are a family-owned and operated mini split heat pump cleaning service out of Charlestown, NH, that started by simply meeting a family need.

Like most people, we thought cleaning our mini split heat pump pull-out filters was enough. When our installer explained that our unit wasn't functioning properly because we'd never had it deep cleaned, we got to work and removed a staggering amount of mold, mildew, and buildup from inside it. Then we began noticing in countless local restaurants, offices, gas stations, and shops, the units on their walls and ceilings were visibly blowing around debris or dripping contaminated fluids, most likely from the same lack of proper cleaning.

With five children in our home, asthma, allergies, and two dogs, as soon as we learned the significance of annual deep cleaning and saw the difference it made, we decided to help people who are in the same situation we were.

We clean heat pumps and mini splits (whatever you prefer to call them!) to provide healthier, more comfortable environments for our family and our community.