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How change is in your hands with heat pumps

Energy. Power. Emissions. Inflation. Fuel. Record High. Consumers. Production. War. Unemployment. Dependence. Independence.

We have become inundated with headlines that produce anger, fear, anxiety, sorrow, and confusion. With so much to hear and see it’s hard to know where to begin, or how to move forward, and what it all means for us.  While there are things we can’t know for certain, what we are left with is the option to use what we do know and make the most out of what we’ve got today to make a step in the right direction – forward. For most of us, there is one simple move we can make right now that will reap dividends for us immediately, and those long after us.

 With many eyes focused on energy (and where it’s coming from) now more than ever, there is a heightened concern over the fact that global energy use has risen by one third in the past 20 years and experts see the trajectory continuing to skyrocket without drastic intervention. The possibility of energy consumption increasing an additional 30% by 2040 looks like an unwelcome reality looming on our horizon. With roughly 83% of this energy being powered by fossil fuels, we are all in need of a better and more practical solution, and fast. Air source heat pumps is an option worth looking at for your home.

According to the EIA about 51% of the total global energy consumption as of 2018 was from heating and cooling. Heating itself currently accounts for about 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. How does this translate when we shift our gaze from the broad, global stage to our neck of the woods; like the little, tiny patch of land that we call home? Here is how they break it down in layman’s terms for simple folk like us at Fresh Air Solutions:

heat pumps energy consumption chart

What does all of this mean? While looking at energy consumption on a global scale may seem overwhelming and intimidating, being able to eliminate about 50% of that battle on our own turf just by adjusting the way we heat and cool our homes and offices is an incredibly manageable (and immediately rewarding) step we can all take. Every little bit counts, and cutting consumption in half is nothing to sneeze at, so how can we do it? Enter – the small but mighty heat pumps! Mini-Split, heat pumps, ductless heater and air conditioner….whatever you want to call them – they are a simple, affordable answer to an increasingly serious problem!

Last year, over 4 million heat pumps were installed in the United States alone. In 2020 over 180 million heat pumps worldwide were used for heating according to the IEA and demand is growing.  That is no small feat considering what the last couple of years have looked like including a pandemic and the domino-effect of changes in everyday life we’ve experienced as a result of it. As for today, with most countries in the world becoming painfully aware of their desperate need for energy independence thanks to the Russian war on Ukraine…..we all stand to benefit greatly from having these units installed in our homes and offices.

What makes heat pumps so efficient for heating and cooling? The simplest answer is that heat pumps move warmer or cooler air around and relocate it accordingly.  Your refrigerator (surprise!) doesn’t actually cool air down, but instead removes warm air to leave only cooler air behind, and the heat pump works similarly. Of course, this is the most basic description – the actual engineering and what takes place to make that happen is actually very complex!

Why should I use a heat pump? The benefits are immediate for everyone, everywhere. Not only do heat pumps use 50% less energy to heat and cool when compared to furnaces, baseboard heating, and window air conditioners,,as%20furnaces%20and%20baseboard%20heaters you also have the option to make them run completely on renewable energy sources including solar, geo-thermal, etc. either when they are installed or in the future.

Fortunately for us, solar power is a viable option that is becoming more readily available around the world, but the industry’s growth has increased at a slower than our increase in energy use. That’s unfortunate considering the sun absorbs roughly enough energy in one year to power the global need 7,000 times. Clearly, despite it’s initial investment, solar saves! There is no better time to go solar than now, but not everyone may feel like they can jump on board the solar train just yet (don’t forget, there are programs to lessen the cost if you do!).

If you can’t go solar now, but you want instant change in your energy consumption and costs with renewable energy options for later, you’ve got all of that with heat pumps. While we don’t personally install heat pumps or solar set ups, we are happy to refer you to excellent local companies who can! We love supporting local! Once your heat pumps are installed, we are ready to take care of the required annual deep cleanings that keep those units running efficiently and effectively for you for years to come. matter which way you choose to move forward with heat pumps – they are a big step in the right direction for your home or office; and a huge leap in the right direction for our country and our planet.

We can do this. Happy spring!

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