Press Release: Fresh Air Solutions Mini-Split Heat Pump Cleaning Company

Local business exposes widespread, crucial oversight in homes and offices, and provides the solution

Charlestown, NH: Despite tens of thousands of New England homes and businesses installing Split Unit Heat Pumps each year for convenience and efficiency, many owners are missing out on the benefits, unaware that the systems are designed to be deep cleaned annually, according to manufacturers. Units being run with dirty filters, coils, and fans, are working harder than they should to push air through mold, mildew, bacteria, dust, pet dander, pollen and debris; while increasing utility bills to do so. As residents take extreme measures daily to maintain their health and safety outside of their homes by wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitizing; they seldom realize the silent health hazard sitting unseen inside of their offices and homes where they let their guards down to work or relax with their families. This month, Fresh Air Solutions has announced they’ve opened for business, with the exclusive purpose of providing this required deep cleaning; saving owners of these units their hard earned money and drastically improving their indoor air quality. ”Our goal at Fresh Air Solutions, is to educate owners on the priority of this service, while offering them a way to have the job done quickly, thoroughly, and reliably by local people who truly care about the issue. All they have to do is call, and we take care of the rest,” explains Michael Gasiorowski, Owner of Fresh Air Solutions.

Last year, Michael asked his installer why his unit hadn’t been working as well as it used to and was informed of the need for annual deep cleaning. After removing a staggering amount of build up from the unit during his cleaning, Michael immediately began noticing in countless local restaurants, offices, gas stations, and shops, the units on their walls and ceilings were visibly blowing around debris or dripping contaminated fluids, most likely from the same lack of proper cleaning. “Three of our five children have asthma or allergies, and we thought cleaning the pull out filter was enough,” said Michael’s wife and Office Manager, Anne, “but when we learned the significance of deep cleaning, we decided to help people who are in the same situation we were.” Michael adds, “Having seen the importance of this service for my own family, I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve our community, providing a healthier environment for them and their families.” The launch of this critical business comes to the area just in time for cleanings to be scheduled before the spring allergy season hits.
With millions of installations nationwide each year on a steady incline, it’s imperative that owners understand that this service is crucial to them, their families and their investment in these units. The EPA and American Lung Association reveal, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, where pollutant concentration is 2-5 times greater than outdoors which can lead to health issues ranging from eye irritation, to headaches, to heart and respiratory diseases and more. Electric companies and industry leaders, including the Federal Energy Management Program, estimate that running uncleaned units costs the owner a shocking $220-$600 per year for each unit in extra utility costs. This doesn’t include the cost of repairs when an uncleaned system suffers inevitable damage by overworking to heat or cool without proper airflow. Maintaining this yearly cleaning will immediately and drastically improve indoor air quality and pay for itself with annual savings at the same time.

About Fresh Air Solutions: Fresh Air Solutions is a local, family-owned and operated business with the goal of providing a fresh, simple solution to a serious, costly problem by providing the required deep cleanings for Split Unit Heat Pumps to maximize both health and savings for their customers. Fresh Air Solutions is now accepting new clients throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, helping them to “Breathe a little easier, and a whole lot cleaner”.