Mini-Split Heat Pump Cleaning Service

Every mini-split heat pump system requires a deep cleaning annually to improve and maintain indoor air quality, temperature regulation, and efficiency for you and your loved ones. You'd be surprised to see what's growing in there and the difference it's making! Have you scheduled your cleaning yet?


We make it simple, choose a cleaning package based on how many units your have in your home or business.

We accept cash, check and credit cards and offer referral programs. Ask us for details!

Flats - Before Blower and case

What We Do

We clean heat pumps and mini splits (whatever you'd like to call them) annually, so you don't have to. Ever wondered what's inside your mini split heat pump?

Cleaning your filters isn't enough! These systems are designed to be fully deep cleaned each year for optimum performance in heating and cooling, circulating clean, healthy air, and reducing energy consumption and cost.

The units in your home or office being run with dirty filters, coils, and fans, are working much harder than they should to push your air through mold, mildew, bacteria, dust, pet dander, pollen and debris; while increasing your utility bills to do so.

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